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Far from being the average system hardware information tool, HARDiNFO Pro is a full-featured benchmark tool that provides you with comprehensive information about nearly any detail worth knowing about the hardware and software installed on your computer. It only takes a few seconds for HARDiNFO Pro to provide you with exhaustive data about your system, devices, peripherals, laptop-specific info, system monitor, and network, as well as to benchmark them all against the app’s database, either offline or online.

The program’s interface has been fully revamped for version 8, and it offers an attractive dark-colored theme with large orange and yellow letters that provide a great color contrast. However, the information itself – useful and informative as it is – is not that easy to read, as it appears somehow scattered around the interface in a bit disorganized way, with icon-like images interspersed among the plethora of technical data for no obvious reason.

The System section alone offers you more detailed and useful information about your computer, operating system, CPU, motherboard, RAM memory, and your system’s controllers than any other similar tool, though sometimes with an uneven level of detail. Unlike those other apps, you will also find specific technical data about your display or monitor, your disk drives, optical disc drives, network adapters, and audio adapters inside the Devices section. When it comes to the software tools installed on your computer, HARDiNFO Pro will also list for you not only all your apps, but also the Windows services, all running processes, and even the drivers that control the peripherals on your PC. As for the Network section, you will find exhaustive information about all the existing user accounts and your own network configuration.

All of these are always of great help to check the health of your computer and to make informed decisions about acquiring new equipment either to enhance its performance or to substitute it for a new one altogether. To help you interpret all this (at times overwhelming) information for the best of your equipment, HARDiNFO Pro offers a series of benchmark utilities that will compare the level of performance of your processor, hard disks, disc drives, network, display, and memory card against a number of similar components from top-market manufacturers.

HARDiNFO Pro is a 64-bit utility that provides you not only with the most detailed information about your computer and its components, but also with diagnostic and benchmark tools suitable for all, from the average user to the IT professional.

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  • Exhaustive level of information
  • Excellent benchmarking tools


  • Uneven level of detail
  • The interface design makes the info hard to read



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